Dan Kennedy Chicago 2012

I had this photo taken of Dan Kennedy and me the last time he came to Chicago on a 4-city tour in 2008.

You can have your photo taken with him, have him sign books for you and get your small business marketing questions answered one-on-one at an exclusive, invitation-only, closed-door Bonus Session that I have personally arranged.

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The Best WordPress Theme

If you know me, then you know I’m not the most technology-minded person around. In fact, I’m confused and paralyzed by most of the details involved with the internet.

But I know I need to have websites for all of my businesses, and for my clients’ businesses as well.

I used to pay web designers big bucks to put up sites for me, and I had to pay them and wait for them anytime I wanted to update my sites. Not anymore.

I found this simple but powerful “theme” that lets me use WordPress to put up a kick-butt website that the search engines LOVE!

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Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

I created this site using this theme, and I’m amazed how quick and easy it is for me to make updates and changes any time I want!

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Successful Speaking

James Malinchak makes millions of dollars as a public speaker, and he can teach you how to make six- or even seven-figures yourself.

Steve Sipress and James Malinchak

Even if you don’t want to make zillions of dollars as a public speaker, James’ general business advice to speakers will also help you make more money in your current business.

Click Here to grab not 1 or 2 — but THREE freebies from James, including two Special Reports and one fun and eye-opening recording from one of his live Big Money bootcamps!

Then make sure to listen to the audio for priceless general business and marketing advice. You can thank me later.

The Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever

“The Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever”

Just cover part of the shipping cost and you will receive a free trial of Gold level membership in the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, including two monthly issues of the No B.S. Marketing Letter, three cd’s, three webinars, one free teleseminar, free admittance to our monthly local Chapter Meetings and Workshops, and more!

GKIC is responsible for helping more everyday business owners and sales professionals become millionaires than any other marketing advice.

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Outrageous Advertising Videos

How Would You Like To Make an OUTRAGEOUS Amount of Money from Your Advertising?

Bill Glazer and Steve Sipress

Bill Glazer’s best-selling book will show how you can implement OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful Advertising for your own business.

I have used the strategies and examples from this book to bring in literally millions of dollars for myself and my clients, and you can too.

The information is priceless (and amazing).

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He made these videos to announce the launch of his JUST RELEASED new book “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful”:

If you ever feel dissatisfied with the results you get from your advertising or marketing dollars then these free videos are for YOU. Plus you should grab a copy of his new book while you’re at it.

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How To Get Major Publicity

The #1 Secret For Getting Major Publicity

Check out this video from my friend Steve Harrison on the #1 secret for getting major national publicity.

There’s nothing like getting some major publicity to make sales soar for whatever you’re promoting. An appearance on a top national TV show like Oprah, Today, Good Morning America, The View or article in major publication like Time, Newsweek, People or the New York Times, can explode your business almost overnight. But scoring publicity hits in major media outlets like those isn’t easy. There is however one big secret, which if you know and use it, dramatically increases your chances of getting coverage in the biggest magazines, newspapers and radio/TV shows across the country.

No, the secret isn’t about writing the world’s greatest press release or press kit.

No, the secret also isn’t about having a great publicity idea or hook (though that’s important too).

Nor is the secret about hiring a high-priced PR firm (though every top publicist knows and practices the secret).

In fact, the chances are good nobody has ever told you about the secret — but once you understand and put it to work, you’ll find it much easier to get big-time media coverage.

To discover the secret, click here now and see the video. But hurry — this video won’t be available for long!

Turn Your Knowledge Into Profit

Learn How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Profit

“Information Marketing” is the business everyone should be in, to make money AND have the freedom to enjoy it.

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A FREE Video Tutorial about the industry and how you can build your own extremely profitable business quickly

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A FREE subscription to the Information Marketing Association’s “Info-Marketing Success Strategies” email

A FREE copy of Millionaire Blueprints magazine profiling Information Marketing Association
President Robert Skrob

3D Mail – Free Swipe File, Book & 2-Month Membership

Want to make sure your next direct mail piece gets opened and read?

Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer and all the best direct mail experts strongly endorse the use of what is known as “grabbers” or “lumpy mail” or “3D Mail”.

In my opinion and experience, it is by far the best way to grab your prospect’s attention and get your mailing OPENED and READ. 

In other words:  Sure, 3D Mail increases your cost a little, but it increases your Return On Investment A LOT, paying for itself many times over.

Click Here to get your FREE 52-page report “The Definitive Guide to Using 3D Mail in Your Marketing Campaigns”, and your FREE CD:  “The Ultimate 3D Mail Swipe File”.  Both are full of dozens of proven effective examples of “grabbers”, complete with headlines and themes you can use in your mailings to start making more money immediately!

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Free 3D Mail Insider’s Circle Membership

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Free CopyDoodles Kit!

It should come as no surprise, but getting new customers, clients and patients in today’s rough and tumble economic environment is more challenging than ever before.

Today, your marketing must STAND OUT and grab the attention of your target market.

If it doesn’t, you are just one of thousands of “plain vanilla” marketers who are sitting on the sidelines, while others, who “get it,” are thriving and capturing more business.

Steve Sipress and Mike Capuzzi

We’re in the “Age of Attention” and you must be doing everything possible to make a favorable and lasting impression with your marketing, which is why I am sharing this one-of-a-kind Web site with you.  It contains thousands of “ultimate response boosters” to help people like you, quickly and easily improve their marketing.

Whether you use direct mail, email marketing, video marketing, postcards… it does not matter. If you are putting words and images to paper or pixels, it can help you improve your marketing in just a few short minutes.

Click on the comic or the graphic below to check out a unique collection of hand-drawn, hand-written elements that marketing guru Dan Kennedy calls “brilliant” and other smart marketers agree, and to Get your FREE CopyDoodles Kit!

Over 1,500 customers around the world are using these techniques every day to improve the appearance and response of their marketing materials.

I want my FREE CopyDoodles Kit!

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Done-For-You Newsletters

We all know that a customer newsletter is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. For me, nothing works better at driving repeat and referral business. However, if you’re like me, the time and expense of producing a quality newsletter usually means that it doesn’t get done!

I know this sounds crazy, but I discovered an unbelievable resource for getting a personalized and customized newsletter mailed to my clients for as little as $0.99 each, and yes that includes printing, mailing, and even postage:  “The Newsletter Guru”, Jim Palmer!

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Jim Palmer and Steve Sipress

Put Your Marketing On Auto-Pilot

Download any or all of these three FREE eBooks:

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For a very limited time, they’re even offering a FREE TRIAL so you can actually start using the software right away and decide for yourself if you feel this software might be right for you.

This software allows me to run several successful businesses without having to constantly add employees.  It truly is “set it, and forget it”!

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