Who DO The GURUS Use?

Most of the time… Me.

the sam schwartz
I’m the one on the right, however if you are looking for starwars light-saber lessons then my son Max is your guru

Use me FOR what?

ZERO B.S. real-world marketing support . online and offline, including… lead gen . funnel design . membership retention . subscription models . infusionsoft . wishlist member . wordpress . camptasia . video editing . powerpoint . Amazon-S3 . aweber . 1shoppingcart . social media marketing . friends-fans-followers to buyers . custom fan pages . squeeze-landing page design . website design . custom coding . award-winning graphic elements . photography . sales copy . animated banners . seo (that works) . google and pay per click campaign management . pre/post-mastermind performance coaching (Huh? Ask me…)

Which GURUS?

Jason Gilbert . Luke Hoppel . Randy Patrick . Matt Raab . Kris Dehnert . Mike Beecroft . Dutch Mendenhall . Chris Wise . Julia Kline . Jeff Kaller . Steve Manning . Colin Egbert . Roland Frasier . Chief Denny . Ben Pardman . Steve Sipress . Adam Sternberg . Adam Ginsberg . Tony Robbins . Dr. Judith Rich just to name a few…

Why me?

Integrity and a commitment to excellence in myself and my clients. All-nighters with a smile prior to a launch and access to me 24/7. A 1-Stop, Go-to guy who actually can do everything as claimed, with results and testimonials as back up. “I admit when I don’t know something, and then quickly find the answer for myself and my clients.”

Where’s my FREE stuff?

Seriously?If you really were thinking that then you got the wrong guy. However… I will make you a promise: I will NEVER waste a minute of your time, nor will I just say YES to make you happy. I will do everything in my power to complete your work at the highest quality and… faster than you have ever experienced. AND… at a very fair price, that will never go up… NEVER!

Call 702.375.7954

Website Traffic Generator

How Would You Like To Generate An Absolute FLOOD Of Traffic To Your Website With The Press Of A Few Buttons?

Mike Koenigs and Steve Sipress
Mike Koenigs & Steve Sipress

My friend Mike Koenigs has invented an AMAZING piece of software that automatically submits your content to dozens of the most popular, traffic-generating websites on the internet.

That includes:

  • Video Sites
  • Article Sites
  • Podcast Sites
  • Social Media Sites
  • Bookmarking Sites
  • and More!

It also lets you create High-Converting Landing Pages and Blogs INSTANTLY!

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I was amazed when I saw everything this powerful, state-of-the-art software can do, and I think you will be, too. Click here to check it out now, and get ready to make money!

Social Media – FREE DVD!

Our very own Gold Mastermind Member Julia Kline gave the Featured Presentation at our November 2009 Chapter Meeting, and shared dozens of tips and tricks about how any business owner can jump on the bandwagon and use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to increase his or her revenue and profits.

Whether you missed her electrifying presentation, or just want to get more of her profound insight, Julia will send you a FREE DVD titled “6 Time-Saving, Money-Making Social Media Tactics for Your Business!!”

Social Media Expert Julia Kline
Leading Social Media Strategist Julia Kline

These are six mind-blowingly powerful tactics for squeezing every ounce of profit out of your social media profiles – and you can implement them in no time at all. Armed with these 6 tactics, you will begin seeing results from your social media efforts almost immediately!

These six techniques are designed specifically for busy business owners like you – to save time and make more money with social media.

That’s why you should get Julia’s FREE DVD now!

Even if you think Twitter and Facebook are the dumbest, most time-wasting inventions of the century, you’ll love how easy Julia makes it for you to be sucking money out of them just one hour from now!

But you have to get Julia’s FREE DVD now to get on board the Social Media Money Train — before your competitors take all the money and you keep getting NOTHING!

Get it NOW!! You can thank me later.

Free Report: Twitter Secrets

Whether you Love Twitter or Hate twitter most marketers
worth their salt recognize a golden opportunity
when they see one, and Twitter is probably the best
FREE list-building tool I’ve seen in years.

Here’s the deal: While everyone is looking to make money
with Twitter specifically, Bill Glazer Info-Mastermind Member
Ryan Deiss has taken a totally different approach.

Steve Sipress and Ryan Deiss

Instead of trying to make money with Twitter, he’s been
systematically using it over the last few months to grow his
opt-in EMAIL list in a number of small, niche markets.

And now he’s gonna show you exactly how he’s doing it:

So, if you’re looking for a new way to build your opt-in list
(whether you absolutely love or you absolutely HATE Twitter)
you need to check out Ryan’s “Twitter List-Building” report…

Free Webinar For Internet Marketing Newbies

You’ve heard about all kinds of people making tons of money online and living their dream lifestyles, and you’ve thought about what that would be like for you. Maybe you’ve even tried to get your own internet marketing business started.

But you haven’t made any money at it.

Then this is for you.

Two of the most successful internet marketers in the world have put together a FREE webinar to show you a simple 3-Step Plan to making your first $1000 online.

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Or better yet: Start making money online and send me a testimonial with your success story!

The Best WordPress Theme

If you know me, then you know I’m not the most technology-minded person around. In fact, I’m confused and paralyzed by most of the details involved with the internet.

But I know I need to have websites for all of my businesses, and for my clients’ businesses as well.

I used to pay web designers big bucks to put up sites for me, and I had to pay them and wait for them anytime I wanted to update my sites. Not anymore.

I found this simple but powerful “theme” that lets me use WordPress to put up a kick-butt website that the search engines LOVE!

Click on the yellow box below to watch a free video:

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

I created this site using this theme, and I’m amazed how quick and easy it is for me to make updates and changes any time I want!

Click Here or on the yellow box above to watch a free video and make the discovery that made my online business life simpler AND more effective!

The Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever

“The Most Incredible FREE Gift Ever”

Just cover part of the shipping cost and you will receive a free trial of Gold level membership in the Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle, including two monthly issues of the No B.S. Marketing Letter, three cd’s, three webinars, one free teleseminar, free admittance to our monthly local Chapter Meetings and Workshops, and more!

GKIC is responsible for helping more everyday business owners and sales professionals become millionaires than any other marketing advice.

If you’re in the Chicagoland area, you can also attend our Fast Start Workshop and monthly Chapter Meetings for free!

Outrageous Advertising Videos

How Would You Like To Make an OUTRAGEOUS Amount of Money from Your Advertising?

Bill Glazer and Steve Sipress

Bill Glazer’s best-selling book will show how you can implement OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful Advertising for your own business.

I have used the strategies and examples from this book to bring in literally millions of dollars for myself and my clients, and you can too.

The information is priceless (and amazing).

All you have to do is Click here to watch them.

He made these videos to announce the launch of his JUST RELEASED new book “OUTRAGEOUS Advertising That’s OUTRAGEOUSLY Successful”:

If you ever feel dissatisfied with the results you get from your advertising or marketing dollars then these free videos are for YOU. Plus you should grab a copy of his new book while you’re at it.

How good is this book? Click here to read the 5-star review I posted on Amazon.com when I first read my advance copy. But don’t buy it there, because you can only get it free by clicking HERE.

The Best Website Hosting

Here’s the hosting service I use. You can host UNLIMITED DOMAINS for only $4.95 a month! WOW!!

Just click on the picture below to find out more:


By the way: Not only is the price unbelievable, but their 24/7 Live Customer Service is always phenomenal! As a non-techie, this is a HUGE reason I use Hostgator.

Matt Bacak – Free CD – Tons of Traffic

Matt Bacak is one of the most successful marketers around, and he gave an amazing, non-stop, power-packed presentation when he was our Very Special Guest at our September 17th Chapter Meeting. Matt is one of the most down-to-earth multi-millionaires you could ever meet, and shared a TON of the same advice other top internet marketers have paid him thousands of dollars to teach them.

Matt Bacak and Steve Sipress at the 2009 GKIC SuperConference

Matt Bacak teaching at our September 2009 Chapter Meeting
Matt Bacak teaching at our September 2009 Chapter Meeting
Step-by-step advice from a self-made multi-millionaire
Step-by-step advice from a self-made multi-millionaire

Matt is giving away a VERY limited number of FREE CDs with some of his very best ideas on How To Get Tons Of FREE Traffic to your website. This is a lot of the creative and wildly-successful strategies he taught us at our Chapter Meeting, plus much, much more. Matt leads you step-by-step through tips and tactics that even a complete internet newbie can immediately start using to make money on the internet.

Click Here to grab your copy NOW — before they’re all gone!

Steve Sipress & Matt Bacak after a SUPER meeting!
Steve Sipress & Matt Bacak after a SUPER meeting!

Free Online Video eBook

Video is the hottest thing on the internet right now. Click Here to download your copy of a FREE eBook on How To Create And Distribute Online Marketing Videos That Sell.

If you’re not sure what equipment to use, what to say in your videos or how to post them online, this short, simple eBook is definitely for you. Click Here to grab your copy and get started experiencing the power of online videos!

Free Internet Marketing Videos

Free Videos from Stompernet!

The world’s most successful internet marketers have joined together to teach others how to make money online. This is SOLID money-making info from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Mike Stewart of Stompernet and Steve Sipress

It’s been closed for months, but it’s FINALLY being made available again!

Click Here NOW

for a FREE series of videos that will show you how to IMMEDIATELY make money off the internet! Hurry — these won’t be around long!

Turn Your Knowledge Into Profit

Learn How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Profit

“Information Marketing” is the business everyone should be in, to make money AND have the freedom to enjoy it.

Click Here for FREE information on how you can quickly and easily create a business where you do the work once and get paid over and over.

You will receive all of this:

A FREE Video Tutorial about the industry and how you can build your own extremely profitable business quickly

A FREE chapter of the new Entrepreneur Press book: “Start Your Own Information Marketing Business”

A FREE subscription to the Information Marketing Association’s “Info-Marketing Success Strategies” email

A FREE copy of Millionaire Blueprints magazine profiling Information Marketing Association
President Robert Skrob

Free CopyDoodles Kit!

It should come as no surprise, but getting new customers, clients and patients in today’s rough and tumble economic environment is more challenging than ever before.

Today, your marketing must STAND OUT and grab the attention of your target market.

If it doesn’t, you are just one of thousands of “plain vanilla” marketers who are sitting on the sidelines, while others, who “get it,” are thriving and capturing more business.

Steve Sipress and Mike Capuzzi

We’re in the “Age of Attention” and you must be doing everything possible to make a favorable and lasting impression with your marketing, which is why I am sharing this one-of-a-kind Web site with you.  It contains thousands of “ultimate response boosters” to help people like you, quickly and easily improve their marketing.

Whether you use direct mail, email marketing, video marketing, postcards… it does not matter. If you are putting words and images to paper or pixels, it can help you improve your marketing in just a few short minutes.

Click on the comic or the graphic below to check out a unique collection of hand-drawn, hand-written elements that marketing guru Dan Kennedy calls “brilliant” and other smart marketers agree, and to Get your FREE CopyDoodles Kit!

Over 1,500 customers around the world are using these techniques every day to improve the appearance and response of their marketing materials.

I want my FREE CopyDoodles Kit!

Check it out and get your FREE CopyDoodles Kit!

Done-For-You Newsletters

We all know that a customer newsletter is one of the most powerful marketing tools available. For me, nothing works better at driving repeat and referral business. However, if you’re like me, the time and expense of producing a quality newsletter usually means that it doesn’t get done!

I know this sounds crazy, but I discovered an unbelievable resource for getting a personalized and customized newsletter mailed to my clients for as little as $0.99 each, and yes that includes printing, mailing, and even postage:  “The Newsletter Guru”, Jim Palmer!

Click Here to get a 5-part eCourse and a Newsletter Template – FREE!

Jim Palmer and Steve Sipress

Put Your Marketing On Auto-Pilot

Download any or all of these three FREE eBooks:

Or just click the banner below to find out more abou how this amazing software can improve your business and your lifestyle. (They actually GUARANTEE that you will Double Your Sales!)

For a very limited time, they’re even offering a FREE TRIAL so you can actually start using the software right away and decide for yourself if you feel this software might be right for you.

This software allows me to run several successful businesses without having to constantly add employees.  It truly is “set it, and forget it”!

*If you’re ready to sign up, you can get a bunch of really cool free extra bonuses by signing up through our chapter Here.