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Your Website

Is Killing Your Sales

I’ll Bet You $1,000 Your Website
Is Losing Almost 80% Of Your Sales

Here’s How To FIX IT

Without looking at your website, I boldly bet you $1,000 I can find at least five things that’s hurting your sales… to the tune of 80% lost opportunities online. For example, if you make $5,000 in monthly sales from your website right now… you are leaving up to $20,000 on the table, every month.

Here’s the bet: Simply make a small $250 deposit now and send your website address over. I will do a web audit on your site worth $1,250. In one week’s time, we’ll get on the phone to go over a detailed analysis.

I will find several things to fix on your site. In sum total, these changes will be worth ten times your investment. This is business you have, are and will continue to miss out on without my changes.

If at anytime during our call, you feel like you’re not getting ten times your money’s worth, we hang up, part friends. I will have done $1,000 worth of work FREE. If however, I’m right, you make the second payment of $1,000.

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What’s In A “Website Audit”?

I carefully comb through, dissect and diagnose your website. With my marketing eye, I look for the following things:

  • Quick and easy tactics you could use right away to get more leads or orders
  • Multiple ways to add value so that visitors stick around longer
  • Methods of creating a “community” so they come back more often
  • How to make your sales messages (web copy) more compelling
  • The 5 C’s of marketing content: Customer-Focused, Competitive, Clarity, Conversions and Consistency

Also my most powerful tool yet…

A 31-Point Useability Checklist: Is your layout, navigation, design, meta-content optimized for both the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) AND your users? This “quality check” itself is worth your entire investment in a site audit.

Here’s What You Get

You’ll get a 15-20 page report with analysis and action items for…

  • Your landing page: This is the most important page on your website. More than 80% of your traffic will decide to stay or leave your website within 9 seconds.
  • Your high traffic sub-pages
  • A “Where You Stand” report measuring your site’s performance against your top competitors… including keyword analysis.
  • 31-Point usability checklist along with in-depth comments on what to fix, where to fix it and how to fix it.

BONUS: My copywriting eye will provide quick tips on improving headlines and leads. I usually do copy critiques for $500 per ad. You will get the “quick glance” version.

Why You Need It

Most business owners are approached by web developers, programmers and designers to build their website. While they are great at making your website functional and pretty… they do NOT have an eye for sales conversions.

SEO consultants focus on getting your page ranked high, but may end up adding content to your website that has no sales focus. For example, John’s Bakery bakes baked goods for baker-lovers. Great for Google, but useless (and annoying) to human readers… i.e. your future customers.

I am a marketing strategist with a direct response copywriting background (direct response: measurable advertising with clear ROI numbers).

Who Is This For?

This daring offer is meant for retail business owners, business-to-consumer services and self-employed professionals. Internet Marketers need not apply.

Why Am I Doing This?

One, site audits is a newer service for me. I’m interested in getting the momentum going. Two, It’s a good “first date”. I’m not asking you to commit to a web package right away. We do this low commitment thing, you’ll see I know what I’m talking about. And if you like what you see, then we move forward on future projects together.

Your Investment:

A web audit of this caliber is an investment of $1,250. However, I only ask for a $250 deposit. The second and final $1,000 payment is contingent on… your 100% satisfaction and belief my audit and report is worth ten times what you paid for.

How Do We Get Started?

First, Click on the button below. The one that says, “Book My Website Audit With Colin >>”.

You’ll be taken to a web form where I will conduct an initial interview with you. Simply answer the questions there as best as you can. The more information you give me, the better I am able to help you with your website.

Click the button now…

See you on the next page.

Colin Y.J. Chung's Signature
Colin Y.J. Chung, Marketing Strategist & Copywriter

P.S. Since this is a newer service, I do not know how many I can offer at a time. If I had to guess right now, I would assume two a month. If my schedule gets too full, I’ll simply disable the payment button. I recommend you grab a spot soon if you’d like to take me up on this offer.

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