Who DO The GURUS Use?

Most of the time… Me.

the sam schwartz
I’m the one on the right, however if you are looking for starwars light-saber lessons then my son Max is your guru

Use me FOR what?

ZERO B.S. real-world marketing support . online and offline, including… lead gen . funnel design . membership retention . subscription models . infusionsoft . wishlist member . wordpress . camptasia . video editing . powerpoint . Amazon-S3 . aweber . 1shoppingcart . social media marketing . friends-fans-followers to buyers . custom fan pages . squeeze-landing page design . website design . custom coding . award-winning graphic elements . photography . sales copy . animated banners . seo (that works) . google and pay per click campaign management . pre/post-mastermind performance coaching (Huh? Ask me…)

Which GURUS?

Jason Gilbert . Luke Hoppel . Randy Patrick . Matt Raab . Kris Dehnert . Mike Beecroft . Dutch Mendenhall . Chris Wise . Julia Kline . Jeff Kaller . Steve Manning . Colin Egbert . Roland Frasier . Chief Denny . Ben Pardman . Steve Sipress . Adam Sternberg . Adam Ginsberg . Tony Robbins . Dr. Judith Rich just to name a few…

Why me?

Integrity and a commitment to excellence in myself and my clients. All-nighters with a smile prior to a launch and access to me 24/7. A 1-Stop, Go-to guy who actually can do everything as claimed, with results and testimonials as back up. “I admit when I don’t know something, and then quickly find the answer for myself and my clients.”

Where’s my FREE stuff?

Seriously?If you really were thinking that then you got the wrong guy. However… I will make you a promise: I will NEVER waste a minute of your time, nor will I just say YES to make you happy. I will do everything in my power to complete your work at the highest quality and… faster than you have ever experienced. AND… at a very fair price, that will never go up… NEVER!

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